Our primary mission is to unite and regulate the industry, setting and upholding the highest standards for quality and professionalism.

Regulatory Advocacy

Regulatory Advocacy

As a member of WTAS, you become part of a united front that engages in meaningful dialogues with government bodies and agencies.

Industry Standards

We offer support to ensure your company becomes a trusted waterproofing provider, meeting and surpassing industry standards.


Engage in events to share ideas, collaborate, and stay updated on waterproofing trends and technologies.

Specialized Training

Empower your team with specialized training, certifications, and resources for excellence in waterproofing.

Technical Consultations

Get tailored advice and expert insights for successful waterproofing projects from our experienced professionals.

Quality Assurance Audits

As a WTAS member, you have access to quality assurance audits conducted by industry experts. 

Our Expertise

As the leading organization representing Singapore’s waterproofing industry, we specialize in creating a regulated and standardized environment for our members.

01. Industry Regulation and Compliance

We excel in setting and upholding the highest industry standards, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

02. Industry Leaders

WTAS leads the industry with techniques that ensure effective and long-lasting solutions.

03. Government Advocacy and Dialogue

With extensive experience, we shape industry policies through meaningful dialogues with government bodies and agencies.

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