We are honored to be one of the 4 pillars which made up the structure of WTAS.

We strive to constantly upgrade and enhance the status of fellow waterproofing professionals in the highly competitive and ever-changing waterproofing industry. In view of today higher level of expectations and knowledge required by Architects, Consultants, Developers etc.

Ultimately we served and portrait as a spoke-person representing both WTAS and fellow members to promote the industry status, as well as to create more awareness and promoting the importance & essence of waterproofing application to every development.

WTAS is formed by a group of volunteering committed and delicate waterproofing trades professionals, Specialist Contractors and Suppliers/Manufacturers. In spite of the volunteering time and effort spent by the committee members in ensuring WTAS is a success and operational, there are also monetary costs and expenses (e.g. WTAS web page setup & monthly maintenance, marketing & administrative tools, events etc.) Therefore we play a vital role in ensuring WTAS operational costs are taken care of at all times, we welcome all WTAS members as well as non-WTAS members to actively participate in our sponsored listings to attribute to WTAS stability and success. Your contribution not only further lightens WTAS operational costs, whereas it also propels your company profile, image and information to potential clients seeking help or advice in the waterproofing trade.

Please kindly proceed to Sponsored Listings for more information pertaining to placing a listing with us.

On top of the roles that we played as mentioned above, we also organize events for fellow members and publishing WTAS newsletter. As well as releasing of the monthly committee board meeting minutes and monthly balance status, both monthly minutes and balance status are only accessible to WTAS Members with their User ID and Password.

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Our ultimate aim is to spread the message, philosophy and spirit of WTAS to all waterproofing specialists, as well as to fellow professionals in other respective construction or building trades.

Once again we hereby welcome all members for your active participations and contributions to WTAS all these while. The Marketing Committee is very proud to be part of the team working with.

Mr. Dexter Tang

Marketing Chairman

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